What I Use

Just so I won't be posting things over and over again, here are all the sliders and default items I use! :D


These sliders help, if they aren't installed the sims can look different than they look on here.

Note: You don't necessarily need the AwesomeMod but I HIGHLY recommend it because it overrides the amount of sliders. If you don't do this, some of the original CAS sliders will NOT work. As for the Cleft Chin slider, its optional as well because I don't use it for all my sims :)

Default Replacements:

I am no longer using these default replacements. Some of my older sims may have these though.
[OLD]Default Replacements:
-Naughty skin by LadyFrontbum (Male)
-Busty St. Claire skin by LadyFrontbum (Female)
-Blameless Eyes Default by shadowwolf5889

And that's just about it. 
Woo! Go Crazy kiddies!