Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Collection - Wretched Magician

It's just about that time again, where the normal become abnormal and the weird become...well more weird. I thought I'd release some simmies in honor of one of my favorite times of the year, Halloween! :)

These actually don't vary much on what I would usually do, but I just gave the Halloween themed sims a title. Well enough about my rant, here's the first sim!

This is the wretched magician. Some one in a spotlight can only take so much failure before they turn bad. This is and example of it. 

I'm really like this sim, I play with her in-game all the time >:D Hope you guys like her...


Formal wear
Sleepwear and Swimwear


Hair by Peggy
Pale Skin by Emphemera
Pirate Queen skirt by Kiara24
Hat by Twilight
Boots by Zarakora
Top at The Store
Lipstick by Lemonleaf
Blush by Lemonleaf
Holy Leggings by RoboKitty
Stockings by Birba32
Unholy makeup by Twilight

Required EP's: Late Night

You Like? :D


  1. She looks amazing, i was drawn to check out your blog after seeing her very pretty but unique looking face in someone's blog list. I love that mouth and pert nose.(sims mouths always intrigue me) it's the same thing i look for on my BJD's. Lovely sim ^_^