Friday, February 3, 2012


Ok I lied. Those weren't going to be the sims I upload first. Hehe haha hoho.

This is Kestrel, a vampire sim! I really like the way she looks, she has a very unique face ^_^

I think she has the best eyes EVAR! :3
Anywhoo time for sim pic-spam!



[Swimwear and Sleepwear]

[Athletic wear]

So I'm not totally sure where some of the CC came from but most is transferable.

Lipstick by IN3S
Torn Tights by KittyKlan
Bow by NewSea
Nails by Aikea-Guinea
Sleepwear Top at the Store
Hair by NewSea (or PMBD)

I'm trying to upload it to the Exchange, but no luck so far... Cross your fingers! :D Aaand to the download button!>>

[4shared - .sim]


  1. I love anything vampire and certainly does has a unique ans sexy face. Gorgeous sim.